COPD – Medical Cannabis

My sister has COPD and is on continuous oxygen.  It has put her in the hospital and really changed her life. She loved to travel, but now she stays close to home, she had to cut her job in half and even walking around her home is not easy. She lives in San Salvador, where she teaches German and I wish the oil were available there. Please watch the movie if you have or know someone with COPD

This is a very serious illness and it is so needed to get the word out that there is help. I want my sister to come visit me and be able to live a full life.

Love Story

I just reread Ken Wilbur’s book he wrote with his wife Treya during their journey with cancer. I came upon a movie taken just before his wife died. The book is called “Grace and Grit” and I highly recommend it. It made me think a lot. What amazing journey this really is life, death, being in the moment and not giving away those moments we still have.

Questioning Chemo

How chemotherapy does not cure cancer or extend life – Dr. Ralph Moss

“Questioning Chemotherapy,” a compelling book written by Dr. Ralph Moss, documents the ineffectiveness and failure of chemotherapy in treating 96 to 98% of all cancers. His book details the failures (and very few successes) of chemotherapy for more than 50 types of cancer.

Dr. Moss worked at the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center for over 20 years. At a press conference in November, 1977, Dr. Moss released the truth to the public in a well documented, 48-page report that stated the top officials of Sloan-Kettering had lied about the results of a study performed at the center regarding “laetrile” (an anticancer nutrient called vitamin B17). The next day he was fired.

Another well-documented book by Dr. Moss, “The Cancer Industry,” reveals the enormous financial and political corruption in the “cancer establishment”. He points out that the motivating forces behind cancer research and treatment are often power and generating endless supplies of money, not the cure of cancer patients.
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Hundreds of families have already relocated to Colorado in search of non-psychoactive cannabis-derived medicine for their severely ill children, sparking a long waiting list. Now the Food and Drug Administration, the pharmaceutical industry, the medical marijuana movement, a handful of conservative states, and a host of shady operators all say they’ve got the answer to those parents’ prayers. Frequent contributor David Bienenstock offers a comprehensive history of CBD. read whole article here

Patents for cannabis

GW Pharmaceuticals, a drug company that specializes in cannabis-based pharmaceuticals, has received early approval on a patent covering the use of marijuana chemicals for treating brain cancer.

GW Pharmaceuticals announced Wednesday that it has been issued a Notice of Allowance from the U.S. Patent Office for a patent application involving the use of THC and CBD, the two main chemicals in marijuana, for treating gliomas.

Once a patent application is deemed a genuine invention, the Patent Office sends a Notice of Allowance that outlines the fees involved with final approval.

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