How the American Cancer Society spins survival data

This from Chris, who’s site helped us the most when we found out about Ed’s cancer. His site has so much information and hope for cancer survival. Watch this video before you go for traditional treatments.

2 thoughts on “How the American Cancer Society spins survival data”

  1. I have been battling cancer since 2012. I had several inches of my colon removed as well as a very large tumor and several lymphnods.
    this year they told me its back in other areas(still called colon cancer)
    All they can offer me is life chemo which I have refused. I want to use cannabis oil to try to prolong my my.
    do you have a video how to make the oil? I found a couple online but want to be sure before I make it.
    I cant get permission yet to get legal rights to have what I need to make it so I am going to simply purchase it from someone.
    please get back to me.
    thanks for sharing this video.

    1. Hi Lorie, it is quite simple once you have done it once. You might want to go to and watch several of the videos. Here is a link to one by a physician for making a small quantity. Also I would highly recommend to join the Facebook group “Cannabis Oil Success Stories” lots of people with much knowledge. I like the file section it has many basic articles and also testimonials. We also have a caregiver site “Caregivers of loved ones using alternative treatments”

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