Taking Control

Taking Control: My Journey of Alternative Healing

I spend half of the night yesterday reading Alyssia Sade‘s book which I heard about in one of my cancer Facebook groups. It was such a worthwhile read. In so many ways her story was similar to ours, I am so very glad she kept a journal and is letting us into her life. It gives hope and information and one of the main points she made was to do your research and not let yourself be hurried into any kind of treatment. Also that there is not just one way to heal, but that you have to try many different ways and not to give up. I highly recommend it if you or your loved one has a serious illness.

“Faced with a terminal diagnosis of bladder cancer Perry and his wife Alyssia were faced with some very hard decisions. Not wanting to accept their doctors recommendations they instead began a journey into the world of natural healing. Alyssia uncovered ancient remedies and dietary changes that added in Perry’s full reversal.
In order to deal with the bombardment of information Alyssia began keeping a journal, This book is a true account of their journey. Unlocking the simple complexities of navigating ones road to natural healing.”

Alyssia also just did an interview you can listen to here