Cannabis Oil for Acute Leukemia

Cannabis Oil for Acute Leukemia, Case Report

by Jeffrey Dach MD

The following case report appeared in the November 2013 Journal of Case Reports in Oncology.(1)  Left Image : Blast cells on blood smear in acute leukemia courtesy of Wikimedia commons.

Highly Aggressive Acute Blastic Leukemia in 14 year old Girl

In March 2006, P.K., a 14-year-old girl suffering from weakness and spontaneous bleeding was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL), with more than 300,000 blast cells present on her peripheral blood smear.   Her form of leukemia was highly aggressive with a positive Philadelphia Chromosome (see Image below).  P.K.’s leukemia was treated at the Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto, Canada with bone marrow transplant, aggressive chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

Philadelphia_Chromosom ALL Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia Remission with Cannabis OilTreatment Deemed Futile and a Failure

After 34 months, blast cells were again found in the blood and further treatment was deemed futile.  The doctors suspended all treatment and essentially gave up on her.  Her doctors noted in the chart: “the patient suffers from terminal malignant disease….She has been treated to the limits of available therapy… no further active intervention will be undertaken”. The patient, P.K., was offered palliative treatment and was sent home to die.  While at home, the leukemia blast cell counts continued to increase and frequent blood and platelet transfusions were required.

The Family Tries Hemp Oil

The family conducted their own research and found Dr. Guzman’s  2003 article on cannabis as anticancer agent.  Cannabis oil is safe, without any of the toxic effects of chemotherapy.

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