Pharmageddon: Proof Conventional Medicine is a Killing Machine

Although Americans have been repeatedly told that heart disease and cancer are the two leading causes of death in the US, in fact conventional medicine is the leading cause of death today!

Carolyn Dean MD, ND, and Trueman Tuck, a Legal and Political Rights advocate, authored the  no-holds-barred book in 2005: Death by Modern Medicine, which deconstructs modern medicine with the precision of a skilled surgeon removing a deadly cancerous tumor. The book clearly shows via the “Allopathic Investment Industry’s” own data that modern medicine is a scourge on humanity, a black plague, a hidden pandemic. The truth is it’s a monopoly that operates like a mafia and thrives on sickness while discouraging wellness – especially disease prevention. Read more

The Truth About Cancer

We are at the last days of viewing these amazing eye opening  documentaries. I can only urge everyone to take the time and go to their site and watch the 9 documentaries. Ty Bollinger and his family and crew have done an outstanding job to give us this 9 hour series of information about alternative treatments for cancer which actually work and have healed many late stage cancer patients. I just bought the DVD’s to have and use for later.

The Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest docu-series – official trailer