Around 180 scientists from 8 nations have published research papers on GcMAF.

In the first of these studies it is described for the first time in history the eradication of a major oncogene (HER-2) in a breast cancer patient whose breast cancer was eradicated following The Swiss Protocol.

In the second study, the successful approach to metastatic pancreatic cancer is described along with the molecular interaction between oleic acid-GcMAF (OA-GcAMF or Goleic) and a major tumor suppressor gene (p53).

In the third study, the successful approach to incurable brain cancer is described along with the the molecular interaction between Goleic and a major oncogene involved in brain cancer (BCl-6). In this study, The Swiss Protocol for brain cancer by Marco Ruggiero, a protocol that involves the use of transcranial ultrasonography, is revealed for the first time. It is worth noticing that this study was performed in collaboration with a major oncology hospital in central London, UK.

In all three studies, Prof. Ruggiero and colleagues demonstrate for the first time that the plethora of biological activities observed when treating patients with Goleic has to be ascribed to the presence of intrinsically disordered domains (IDD) in the molecular structure of GcMAF.  An IDD is a domain that lacks a fixed or ordered three-dimensional structure. read more