Cannabis oil: What is the best and healthiest way to produce cannabis oil?

by Dr Arno Hazekamp

What is Cannabis oil?
Concentrated cannabis extracts, also known as Cannabis oils because of their sticky and viscous appearance, are increasingly mentioned by self-medicating patients as a cure for cancer. In general, preparation methods for Cannabis oil are relatively simple and do not require particular instruments. The purpose of the extraction, often followed by a solvent evaporation step, is to make cannabinoids and other beneficial components such as terpenes available in a highly concentrated form. Cannabis oil is usually taken orally, by ingesting a small number of drops several times a day.   Read more

Topical Ointment

This makes an excellent topical ointment. We have used it with amazing results for joint pain, after surgery, arthritis, any pain on body, it works amazingly fast. The castor oil and DMSO brings it deep inside. This is just what we are doing and you need to check it with your doctor before using it. Below is the recipe

1 part coconut oil
1 part castor oil
1 part DMSO
Mix well then add cannabis oil (we are using 5 to 10 grams per pint of mixture)
We also add drops of mint oil to make it smell good (experiment with your favorite essential oil)
Also other herbs might be beneficial for specific conditions like Arnica (always do your own research)


Making Cannabis oil suppositories

This is a good video about making your suppositories with coconut oil

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