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Ava Barry back home after securing medicinal cannabis license

Monday, December 04, 2017 – 09:09 am

Irish “medicinal cannabis refugee” Ava Barry, 8, arrived home from The Hague over the weekend with her parents and was reunited with her siblings for a family Christmas, writes Olivia Kelleher.

Ava, who is from Aghabullogue, Co Cork, travelled to Holland last summer with her family to receive medicinal cannabis for a catastrophic form of epilepsy called Dravets Syndrome.

After two years of campaigning, her parents Vera and Paul this week received the news of the granting of the medicinal cannabis licence for Ava.

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Why Kyle Kushman Swears by Veganic Cannabis Grow Methods

I find this interesting as a alternative method which might work well for the cottage grower.

Veganics is a growing technique that uses no animal by-products. As the medical cannabis marketplace rapidly expands, veganic methods are gaining traction with growers concerned with healthier medicine. Many smokers swear it creates a much more flavorful flower.

Whole Person Healing

Exclusive interview with the imminent Professor Rustum Roy prior to his departure from this reality. Prof. Roy held 5 professorships and wrote more than 1,000 papers, articles and books. In this interview he discusses whole person healing, Qigong, Bigu, spiritual healing, John of God (João Teixeira de Faria – João de Deus), quantum physics, materials science, alternative medicine, medical fraud and malpractice and other fascinating topics. This video is a rare interview with a most brilliant and important person.

The use of FDA approved C02 laser with all of the benefits of time-tested standard surgery delivers the most benefical advantages to women with Stage I to Stage IV breast cancer.

Sometimes Tumors get so big, it might be beneficial to debunk them. Here is a procedure and a doctor who does it with great success. I saw this in my Gerston Group and it caught my interest.

Dr. A’s Message

A Personal Note

As a surgeon specializing and developing the use of the CO2 laser for breast cancer removal for over 25 years, and having observed and researched other methods of surgical treatment being utilized, the CO2 laser is superior to other methods available today. This option of treatment is not under trials and all patients struggling with breast cancer are candidates, providing them the opportunity to have any procedure from microscopic activity to mastectomy and axillary node dissections all performed by the CO2 laser. This natural approach hastens the recovery process. It not only supports the breast cancer patient physically during surgery and post-operatively, but their emotional well being. When a patient is not traumatized physically, they are able to face the next step of treatment with empowerment. Read More

Around 180 scientists from 8 nations have published research papers on GcMAF.

In the first of these studies it is described for the first time in history the eradication of a major oncogene (HER-2) in a breast cancer patient whose breast cancer was eradicated following The Swiss Protocol.

In the second study, the successful approach to metastatic pancreatic cancer is described along with the molecular interaction between oleic acid-GcMAF (OA-GcAMF or Goleic) and a major tumor suppressor gene (p53).

In the third study, the successful approach to incurable brain cancer is described along with the the molecular interaction between Goleic and a major oncogene involved in brain cancer (BCl-6). In this study, The Swiss Protocol for brain cancer by Marco Ruggiero, a protocol that involves the use of transcranial ultrasonography, is revealed for the first time. It is worth noticing that this study was performed in collaboration with a major oncology hospital in central London, UK.

In all three studies, Prof. Ruggiero and colleagues demonstrate for the first time that the plethora of biological activities observed when treating patients with Goleic has to be ascribed to the presence of intrinsically disordered domains (IDD) in the molecular structure of GcMAF.  An IDD is a domain that lacks a fixed or ordered three-dimensional structure. read more