Below are books, articles and videos we have found interesting and useful, feel free to post your own with a comment if possible


his has the most information of all the research going on in the last few years. I met Granny and she is so dedicated in making this available to everyone. She is a lovely woman with an open heart. a great blog from people who are using the oil,
( A great site with many cancer survivors and what they used to beat it. (another amazing site with so much information) (our site)
NORML.ORG (main site to go to for anything legal and information on state laws)
ASA (American for Safe Access-nationwide) there is a local chapter in our county


Regina Nelson “The eCS Therapy Companion Guide: A Reference Source for Your Endocannabinoid System”
The eCS Therapy Companion Guide is a reference source for the endocannabinoid system and cannabis therapy. From a basic break-down of the endocannabinoid system (eCS) to debunking marijuana myths, this is the first guide that empowers patients to create their own cannabis therapy plan. It offers target dosing guidelines and recipes. If you wonder what’s up with medical cannabis then this is the book for you! ( I highly recommend this book. The author has helped countless cancer patients and also has a degree in cannabis research)

The Comprehensive Report on the Cannabis Extract Movement and the Use of Cannabis Extracts to Treat Diseases [Kindle Edition]
great information with yearly updates.
February 8th, 2015 Update – New healing testimonials from several medical professionals and additional terminal cancer remissions. Big updates from Israel, the Philippines, and India. It really is impossible to read this now and not believe cannabis can fight cancer in humans! &sr=1-1&keywords=what+if+cannabis+cured+cancer Weed the CNN movie (excellent)
new report on recent research scientific cannabis magazine a website with personal experiences list of medical research from around the globe union for growers and workers
Ted talks on new ideas regarding cancer, worthwhile watching
A medical cannabis publication  Dr. Dustin Sulak Dennis Hill (prostrate cancer) (excellent-read also some of the replies) great links regarding kids and cannabis (cancer-autismn)  (whole plant is needed for medicine) article and video from Dr. Mercola

Artemisin: Chinese herb

This is a good link for fundraising for your alternative treatments

Clinics and Doctors

An excellent clinic in Mexico, PNC 27, Rigvir, many other treatments (we choose this one for Ed) (Dr. Hino uses PNC27, Stem cell therapy} reasonably priced outpatient facility. Ensanada Mexico

Oasis of Hope, also a well known clinic which combines alternative with low dose chemotherapy

Gerson Clinic, Mexico

The licensed Gerson Clinic in Mexico provides the complete Gerson Therapy for patients beginning their healing journey.

Excellent websites
his site has so much information about alternative treatments for each cancer.
much information (this site helped us the most when we got started)

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