Herbal Chemo

Other Alternative Herbal Chemo and Treatments I have found.

We realized fairly fast with the help of chrisbeatcancer.com that there are many cancer survivors and many stories of amazing recoveries. I found that most of them had three major things in common.

  1. Nourishing the body with organic life food, mostly raw and adding supplements which help with detoxifying and building up the immunity system
  2. Detoxing the body using various modalities ( we are using epson salt bath,  coffee enemas, castor oil packs, infra red sauna)
  3. Using some form of herbal chemotherapy like cannabis oil or other herbs. Chris has many different ones on his site.

Here is a links to sites who deal with alternative cancer treatments


DMSO – The Real Miracle Solution

We used DMSO on Ed’s swollen stomach before the castor oil pack. It makes every other application more powerful. I came upon an article which seemed interesting enough to share.


Essiac Tea

We also used and starting to use Essiac Tea again. It is being used all over the world for a cancer treatment. In my opinion it is not a stand alone cure, but helpful with lots of testimonials behind it. It is inexpensive to make yourself, check this link if you want to learn more.


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