Ed’s Protocol

Here is what we are doing. Again, we have no medical background and you need to do your own research and consult your doctor about your particular state of health and we in no way are telling you what to do.

What Ed is taking:

Cannabis oil, 4 times daily, 1/4 gram each dose   you have to experiment with dosage and type of cannabis, but you want a oil with high THC which also has CBD
Infrared Sauna, epson salt bath
Vit. C 50 to 95 grams intravenously (we did that for 3 month, stopped now)
Mineral mixture to boost energy (intravenously) once every other week

Psorinum 6x (3 times a day) holds tumors,  homeopathic http://celletech.com,
Research http://articles.timesofindia.indiatimes.com/2011-08-23/kolkata/29918439_1_lung-cancer-pancreatic-cancer-cancer-patients

Waking up

Glass of warm water with lemon juice (helps with keeping your body alkaline)
Epson salt bath (1cup) for eliminating toxins
Essiac tea (2 oz) in morning and before going to bed (we did that for 2 month and are about to start again.)

Health drink made in blender

Modified Citrus Pectin 1TB (clears body of toxins)
Vitamineral Green 1TB
Almond Milk cup or water
Aloe Vera Juice (4 ounces)
Kefir plain (4 ounces)
Vitamin D3 drops (4) check for deficiency most cancer patients are low in it (4000mg more if needed)
Maitake Gold 1200 (dropper full)
Banana, blueberries or other fruit
Lugols Iodine 3% (1 drop)
Flaxseed oil 2TB
Lemon-juice, makes it taste even better

Veggie Juice

Fresh juices, carrot, green apple, green veggies, ginger, as often as possible. We are also adding 2 handfuls of fresh cannabis leaves and buds, when possible. (You don’t get stoned on fresh green cannabis. I make enough for the day and drink 4 oz at a time).

No sugar, and light on carbs
Probiotics with every meal, meals are light, mostly veggies and fruit, some protein in the form of black rice, quinoa, sweet potatoes, all organic and not processed. Wild Salmon once a week, some chicken occasionally, no red meat.

Supplements taken during day

AHCC 2000mg twice daily on empty stomach (much research on this in Japan, they give it to all cancer patients) http://www.ahccresearch.com/
With or around meal time
Vitamin C-1000 2 3x (if you can’t effort intravenous C take it orally till you get loose stools, than back off (40000mg)
L-Proline, L-Lysine 1x
Pancreatin Enzyme 500mg 2x between meals
Meriva-SR curcumin 2x
Vitamin B17 250mg 2x (Laetrile)
Co-Q10 100mg 2x
Selenium 200mcg 1x
Probiotics 2 before or after each meal
R-Lipic acid 300mg 2x
NAC 600mg 1 3x (N-Acetyl-lCysteine
Milk thistle (Liver support) 3x
Vitamin K4
Good multivitamin

Evening treat and also known as tumor shrinking Budwig Diet, greek yogurt, flaxseed oil 2TB, nuts, fruit. (Get the omega swirl at Healthfood store, it taste good)
Ed also did castor oil packs and charcoal packs alternating for several hours at night. He feels these have reduced and then eliminated swollen stomach.  These are great for getting the toxins out of his system. Coffee enema for detoxing (once a day or more)

We are constantly researching and changing and adding to these supplements.

Other supplements to look into:
Omega 3 fish oil 3x with meals, fish oil thins blood so we just slowed down with it, but it brought his weight up.
Honokiol (magnolia bark) Chinese known to shrink tumors http://blog.econugenics.com/2011/03/30/ancient-wisdom-discover-honokiol/