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Hemp oil dosage

We just came upon an article which we found interesting, especially for people who have a very low tolerance, a serious illness and find it hard to build up to the recommended 1 gram of oil. The main idea in this following article is that topical application of the oil does not get you stoned  than ingesting it. Anyone trying this we would appreciate some feedback.

Dosage and Delivery
Take a portion about the size of a 1/4 grain of short rice and apply it on one of your index fingers. Spread the oil on your index finger, as this takes the drop shape and flattens it on your finger (which is much easier to control while applying on the gums). A cuticle pusher is an excellent tool for this.
Place your index finger between your gum and cheek with the concentrate towards your gum. Then hold against the gum without moving for as long as it takes to tack/stick/adhere to your gums. Then, slightly moving your finger in a circular or side to side fashion, rub until you feel it grab to your gum. Do not proceed until it adheres to the gums. Remove your finger and inspect where the rest of the concentrate has moved. Apply right next to your first tacky spot, and keep repeating using the same method. Do this until all the oil is gone. A light film will be left on your finger; warmed with a hair dryer, it can be used as a topical application for cuts, bruises, pimples, burns, etc. The illustration below is an example of where to apply tacks to your bottom gum. Keep in mind, this is just an example, and any area on your bottom gum can be used. If you use dentures on your bottom row of teeth, remove them and tack per instructions before putting the dentures back in.

Go to http://www.420magazine.com/forums/methods-use-rso-rick-simpson-oil/204363-how-dose-correctly-using-rick-simpson-concentrated-cannabis-oil.html  for the full article