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There are many youTube videos online showing how to make the oil, it is important that you use organic dried plant material, buds, shake and leaves and also that you use the best organic alcohol you can find. We get ours here.

Green Oil Machine This is a great tool as it makes it real easy to make the oil, especially if you need it for as long as Ed has been using it. It recycles most of the alcohol, it pays for itself, it cost about $ 300

Once you have made the alcohol check to see if there is a cannabis testing facility in your state. If you have legal MM, there should be one, call a dispensary for info. Different cancers need different combinations of THC/CBD. Even if you are in a non legal state and you know the strain of plant you have used, I would call a dispensary and check what there tests are for that strain.

This is how I make it, but there are many ways, so be sure to watch some of the video’s

Cannabis Oil
  1. Ask a grower or dispensary how you can get a hold of some good organic bud shake and or little buds. Some growers give them away to cancer patients or sell them cheap
  2. If possible ask for a Indica strain and also ask if they have some high CBD strain to add to the high THC strain.
  3. Put plant material in food processor and get it medium fine
  4. Fill gallon glass jars with plant material not more than 2/3 full
  5. Add Alcohol to an inch over plant material
  6. Use wooden spoon or stainless steel potato masher and agitate for at least 5 min.
  7. put in dark cool place for a few days or week, agitate every day for a few minutes
  8. Find a place out door or garage to plug in your slow cooker, you want to be away from any flame, adding a fan is a good idea
  9. Strain plant material and squeeze out as much as you can into a clean glass gallon jar, I use a paint strainer, finer the better.
  10. If you don’t have a fine strainer put it through several coffee filters
  11. Start cooker on high and add cannabis liquid
  12. Alcohol burns at a lower temperature around 170, it might take the whole day to cook the alcohol off. If outdoor put a screen over cooker, no lid. You want the alcohol to evaporate.
  13. When you have about a inch left it should be dark color and you need to stay with it and stir it occasionally.
  14. Put it in a small glass canning jar when you have about half an inch of black liquid left and let it cool and than put it in fridge.
  15. If it gets hard like molasses in fridge you are done if still liquid like maple syrup put glass jar without lid on coffee warmer and let the last bit of alcohol evaporate, which can take several hours.
  16. If you plan to take this for a long time please check out the Green Machine, to recycle the alcohol, otherwise this works fine.


  1. 10 grams of Cannabis oil (organic whole plant reduction)
  2. 20 grams of coconut oil
  3. double boiler
  4. 3gram syringe (Amazon 100 with cap)

Directions: use a small scale to weigh up cannabis oil, I have to small glass containers, one empty one with the oil to measure it easily. Measure coconut oil to cannabis oil (2 to 1)

Heat coconut oil in double boiler till melted and hot, not boiling. Add cannabis oil and stir well till dissolved.

Fill 3 gram syringes with oil mixtures and put on cap, put syringes in fridge in plastic bag. Start with filling the syringes a quarter full to start, than slowly increase till you have a full syringe daily. Important: The top of the syringe can have rough edges and hurt delicate skin, Ed takes a nail file and gets it smooth.

Take out one syringe and wait a little till solid mixture is soft, lay down for 15 min. or bedtime. Inject just past the first muscle, if you get it to deep you will feel the euphoria more. Remember you can always take 500mg of Citicholine or Choline to reduce high effect. We found there is nearly none just a pleasant body high.

Here is a different way of making them


Tinctures are great for daytime dosing, for feeling better, sleeping better, eating better, pain management, depression and are real easy to make.

  1. 1.5 gram of good cannabis oil
  2. 1 ounce of olive or organic avocado oil
  3. optional a drop of your favorite essential oil

Put avocado oil in double boiler, heat but don’t boil. Dissolve cannabis oil, add drop of peppermint or lemon oil (optional). Use small funnel to put into 1 ounce dropper bottle. Use as needed.

Cannabis Coconut Butter – Topical and internal

This is good on a cracker with a bit of honey for sleep and light pain, also can be used to rub into sore joints or damaged skin. You can adjust potency by adding dropper full of hemp oil (phoenix tears)

slow cooker
4 cups of coconut oil (can be adjusted)
1 to 2 cups of water
quarter to half a pound of good bud-shake
muslin bag or vegetable bag


  1. Put coconut oil and water in slow cooker, put on low and heat till it is liquid
  2. After coconut butter melts put cannabis mixture in pot
  3. cook on low for 4 to 6 hours
  4. The liquid should go from clear to a deep color
  5. Turn off and let mixture cool
  6. Strain in sieve covered with cheese clothes, press to get most of the oily liquid
  7. put liquid in Fridge and let harden, the oil will be on top and water on bottom, drain water
  8. Put coconut mixture back on stove and melt till you can pour it in containers. I also sometimes add maple syrup to part of it, or cannabis oil for a stronger pain mixture. You can order little jars on the internet and it stores in the fridge forever. When you use it keep it at room temperature. Coconut oil does not go rancid.
  9. For a topical you can add a small amount of DMSO, frankincense oil, arnica oil (depending on injury)
Topical for moderate or severe pain
bone pain, cramps, sprains,  surgery,
  • One Part Castor oil (organic)
  • One Part Coconut oil (organic)
  • One Part  grape seed oil (organic)
  • 1/2 part DMSO food grade
  • small amounts of arnica oil, calendula oil, frankincense oil
  • other essential oils can be added as needed to improve smell (eucalyptus, mint etc.)
  • Shea butter or beeswax if you want it thicken it
  • 1 gram of cannabis oil per ounce of oil base (more if needed)


In double boiler put Castor oil, coconut oil, grape seed oil and DMSO Add shea butter or beeswax if you want ointment more solid. Heat but don’t boil.
Add cannabis oil and stir  well till dissolved
Add essential oils after it cools a bit
Pour into small jars and be sure to label it
Important: wash hands and area good before applying because DMSO is a carrier agent that will pull contaminants of your hands into your body.


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