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It took me awhile, nearly 9 month till I felt ready to come back to this website. This photo was taken just a week before the love of my life left his body. He died at home with myself and my daughter at his site, and we kept his body also home for a few days with family and friends saying goodbye. He was not afraid, in fact he was curious and the adventurous spirit he was throughout his life.

If you are just coming to this site and wonder what went wrong after he did so well, i have also been asking myself this question. His white and red bloodcells had been low, but dropped lower and he started picking up infections, we were hoping that our trip to Hope4Cancer could change that. I still feel that there is much to be gained by visiting the Clinic it was not the best way for us. His liver could not handle all the IV’s, and after we came home his stomach was swollen with liquid. He lived and still enjoyed life till July 2016.

This is the hardest loss i have had in this life time, but i am so grateful for the cannabis medicine which gave us over 4 extra years in which he saw two more grand children join the family and many more beautiful sunsets.

This April it has been 4 years since Ed first got diagnosed and when people contact me there nearly always is the question “How is Ed doing now” So we made another little video to let you see that even so he is not totally in the clear, he has had 4 years of quality of life and hopefully much more. We still are researching and also helping many people who are contacting us. It has been intense, but such a good feeling to give other patients and their family hope. Here is the video. We are continuing to explore new avenues of healing, as cannabis oil has become just one of our healing modalities.

We have also learned that the cancer is smart and it is a good idea to reset the system by taking a break and also switching the variety of cannabis.

We know from experience how devastating the news of cancer is, especially 4 stage cancer. We were lucky as we were just told to go home with hospice and enjoy the days we had left. Please take at least a week to do some research before you let any doctor rush you into treatment options. This is your life and you get to choose how you spend the moments you have left, however many they might be. We found the journey interesting, difficult at times, but also full of sweet moments. Follow your intuition even after you started a treatment and spend as much time as you can with people who are positive and love you. Don’t let cancer occupy most of your moments.

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